Acupuncture In Michigan

Balancing and Building Your body

Michigan Integrative Medicine provides acupuncture in Michigan, and acupuncture related treatment. Whether you are seriously interested in minimizing pain, removing stress or anxiousness, attaining fertility support, or just boosting your all round health – the experts at Michigan Integrative Medicine are here to assist you. We deliver safe and efficient acupuncture in Michigan treatment solutions in a very professional yet soothing setting.

Our Approach To Acupuncture

At Michigan Integrative Medicine we combine the latest in acupuncture research with the wisdom of over 2000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. Our practitioner’s utilize an extensive patient intake to determine the correct acupuncture point prescription in an effort to achieve results as quickly and effectively as possible. Each treatment is designed specifically for the individual patient and customized to address their health concerns.

The common concept of acupuncture draws on the philosophy that bodily processes are controlled by an energy called qi that flows throughout the human body; disturbances of this particular flow are considered to be accountable for illness. Acupuncture includes a family of treatments seeking to correct instability within the flow of qi by stimulation of bodily regions on or beneath the skin (commonly called acupuncture points or acupoints), from a number of methods. The most popular system of stimulation of acupuncture points utilizes penetration of the skin by very thin metal needles, which can be manipulated by hand or by electrical related stimulation.

Acupuncture Treatments in Michigan

Michigan Integrative Medicine offers individual centered treatment that covers the entire person as opposed to an isolated group of signs and symptoms. We invest time to pay attention to, and have an understanding of our patients as unique individuals. We value your role as part of your process of healing and will assist you to create a plan for your own personal health. This relationship permits us to go beyond your signs and symptoms and address your complete health and wellbeing.