Chinese Herbal Therapies

Custom Tailored Formulas

Chinese herbal therapies are one more treatment in the Traditional Chinese Medical system. A Chinese herbal formula is a balanced blend of herbs that are selected from over 500 single herbs. They are combined to restore harmony in the body and as an adjunct to acupuncture. Each herb has its own quality and role in a formula and is designed to do a specific function. Every formula can be tailored to a patient’s specific health concern, or can be used for general health reasons. Classic Chinese herbal formulae can be customized to meet every patient’s needs by adding or subtracting ingredients.

Chinese herbal therapies can be administered in various forms, such as teas, pills, powder, or tinctures. When creating a formula we consider the most effective and convenient delivery method for each patient. Typically we use pill or powder herbs in our formulae. When used correctly there are relatively few, if any interactions between Chinese herbs and other medications, but it is important to inform your practitioner of all medications and supplements that you are taking.