Holistic Medicine

We Treat The Whole Person

Holistic medicine bridges the gap involving all natural and conventional medicine. It’s a distinctive and detailed method of medicine that combines centuries-old, organic, non-toxic treatments with existing developments in the exploration of health and human systems. Holistic medicine addresses all facets of family wellbeing from prenatal to geriatric care, which has a specific concentration on whole-patient wellness. Holistic physicians are exclusively educated to combine natural and traditional medicinal practises. For this reason, Holistic physicians supplement and greatly enhance other health care models and treatment techniques.

What Is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine is the science and art that covers the complete individual and combines traditional and alternative therapies to eliminate and treat illness, however, most importantly to enhance optimal health and wellness. Holistic physicians work with patients to customize a health care treatment that incorporates every aspect of a patient’s health. They look at the body as an integrated whole, search beyond the individual symptoms, and attempt to find the root cause of disease and illness. Dr. Zide incorporates every aspect of health in her assessment of a patient, not just their physical symptoms but their mental and emotional health as well, thus giving a patient the most direct approach towards achieving optimal health and wellness.

What To Expect From Your Visit

Your initial visit will be used primarily for diagnostic purposes and to learn about your chief health concern(s). Dr. Zide will process any recent laboratory results, and go over an in-depth symptom survey she provides, to customize a treatment plan for each individual patient. Her philosophy is rooted in the belief that each patient is unique and has individual health concerns and goals.

1-2 weeks later a patient returns for a follow up visit that will include:

  • Diet program information and suggestions
  • A computerized assessment of your Symptom Survey questionnaire
  • Overview of your laboratory results
  • A customized program of whole food concentrates to assist stabilize your whole body biochemistry