Our Approach to Fertility

Healthy Babies With Healthy Lives

Chinese medicine has a saying about getting pregnant which states it’s essential to “cultivate the soil before planting the seed.” Many of us understand that to have a healthy garden we will need to tend the soil and nurture it with water and vitamins and minerals for plants to thrive.

This example pertains to our health and wellness and fertility also. Despite the fact that certain things like age and genetics can determine the quantity and quality of your eggs there is certainly still much that can be done to improve the fertile atmosphere (the soil) by which egg development, conception, implantation and pregnancy occurs.

Increasingly medical research is demonstrating that fertility is closely associated with your state of health and may be affected by many elements including irritation, stress, lifestyle and diet. And recent reports are suggesting that the health of the mothers and fathers not only affect fertility but the health of the baby and of their future children (your grand kids) also.

At Michigan Integrative Medicine we use an integrated method to maximize your body’s own fertile potential. Sometimes just simple changes in lifestyle may be enough to transfer one’s body into the fertile zone and in other cases traditional western reproductive treatment plans may be required to aid you in getting pregnant. However in all cases addressing any fundamental imbalances will provide you with the best chance of conceiving and developing a healthy baby.