Our Approach To Health

What to expect & more

Michigan Integrative Medicine provides holistic medicine solutions. Many patients find themselves confused about what is good nutrition and how it can work for them. When reading today’s newspapers or magazines, it is no wonder that people are so confused about good nutrition with all the contradictory statements and claims put forth – good fats, bad fats, no fats, colloidal minerals, and what about cholesterol? Enough is enough.

Whole Food Nutrition

In our practice we use nutrition and whole food supplementation to balance the body’s chemistry. We believe in utilizing whole food supplements that are formulated from plant, herb, and at times, animal products. Our philosophy is that food works, and concentrated food (plant, herb and animal supplements) are the most bio-available, bio-identified and therefore the most efficient way of adding additional nutrients to the body.

Our Approach To Holistic Medicine

At Michigan Integrative Medicine we like to understand each patient and their individual health concern(s) and goals. We have each patient fill out a detailed symptom survey as well as provide any recent laboratory results. We examine and integrate all the information to build a custom treatment plan for each patient.

The Holistic Medicine Process

Your first visit will involve processing your information package, a simple physical exam, and recommendation for laboratory studies. Simple lifestyle and dietary recommendations will be provided as well.

About 1-2 weeks later, you will return for a consultation that will include:

  • Diet information and recommendations
  • A computerized evaluation of your Symptom Survey questionnaire
  • Review of your laboratory results
  • A personalized program of whole food concentrates to help balance your body chemistry

Your subsequent visits will depend on your progress and commitment to better health. Keep in mind how many years you have worked to create the symptoms that have become a part of your life. Creating a new lifestyle is not simple. At Michigan Integrative Medicine we provide the support and education you need to be successful. We look forward to working with you to achieve your optimal health.