About Vince Hosfield MTOM, L.Ac.

Involved in holistic health

Vince Hosfield has been involved in holistic health for almost a decade. He is co-director of Michigan Integrative Medicine with Dr. Elizabeth Zide M.D. He graduated from the prestigious Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA. Emperor’s is one of the oldest and most recognized schools for the training of Traditional Chinese Medicine. While at Emperor’s he studied with some of the foremost Chinese medical practitioners in the areas of acute and chronic pain, dermatology, cancer support, and women’s health and fertility.

Most of Vince’s early passion was treating chronic and acute pain and he spent most of his time learning the most advanced techniques in effectively treating pain. Vince continues to consult with former professor’s and colleague’s on the most current ways to effectively treat pain.

ABORM is a non-profit voluntary specialty board that promotes the advancement of female and male infertility health in the field of Chinese Medicine. It gives the practitioner the most current and cutting edge information on techniques and treatment strategies for treating female and male reproductive health.

With the birth of his daughter and son his passion was directed with women and men’s reproductive health. He has had the opportunity to study with some of the foremost Chinese medical practitioners in the field of women and male reproductive health. He is in good standing with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Also, Vince is completing his course work to be eligible to sit for the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) exam which will make him the only ABORM certified practitioner in Michigan.

Vince believes not only his passion, but his path, is with the advancement of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Vince believes not only his passion but his path is with the advancement of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Combining the latest research in TCM with Western medical therapies can be the missing link to complete and total health. He believes that the future of Traditional Chinese Medicine is with specialization in a field of interest to give our patients and the medical community the confidence we have all avenues of health and healing in a chosen field. It will also allow each TCM practitioner to build a network of specialists that will enhance our patient’s health.