What Is Holistic Medicine?


Holistic medicine is often a very broad, ambiguous and many times confusing term. Here at Michigan Integrative Medicine we define it as a Physician that looks at the body as an integrated whole and aims to keep the delicate balance of the body in harmony to achieve optimal health.

Holistic medicine may differ from current traditional medical therapies by addressing not only the chief health concern but also the underlying root cause of illness in the body. Dr. Zide like other holistic medical practitioners incorporate several treatments protocols to address a patient’s health problem. These treatments range from whole food supplementation to dietary and exercise recommendations. Holistic doctors do not separate the body into individual systems, instead they view each system as interconnected and by addressing the body as a whole, the patient can strive to achieve their health’s potential.

Patients with a broad range of symptoms including thyroid disorders, adrenal and chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances come here to restore their body’s delicate balance. Michigan Integrative Medicine is able to help.