Why Whole Food Supplements?

Nutrients for growth

As a nation, we eat certain foods which have been stripped of their nutritional value. We do not eat a sufficient amount of fresh produce, whole grain products, and good quality protein. So, we take a multivitamin to help us sustain optimal health and wellness. But bear this in mind: where do the nutrients found in your multivitamin originate from? And is it genuinely doing its job of substituting the nutrients missing from your diet?

Lets face the facts, food works. If it did not no one would be here today. Holistic Medicine believes that by taking food (plant and animal) in concentrated forms will be the most effective means of getting nutrients to the cells and tissues of the body. We can not say that for synthetic vitamins and minerals. Who really knows if synthetic supplements which take their active ingredients out of their food form really uptake in the cells and tissues of the body effectively. By working with a patient’s dietary patterns and utilizing whole food supplements we can begin to help them discover their health’s true potential.